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Join us for a flavorful kickoff to Africa Week at the YASA Cultural Carnival: "Tasted, Approved and Trusted"! We're diving deep into the heart of AFROWORLD, celebrating and educating ourselves on the diverse historical & cultural tapestry that makes Africa so extraordinary.

Location : Afro-American House

Date: November 5th @3pm


Bring on your fashion killa vibes! Calling on all Yale Africans to proudly rock your vibrant African print clothes to class and represent our beautiful Afroworld. Let's showcase our beautiful heritage and fill the campus with a rainbow of cultures as we celebrate our diversity together.

Meet at Commons at 3pm for a group photo

Date : November 6th

Lights, Camera, Boubou Effect! Join us for a spectacular movie screening of "The Black Book"! Get your African aunties and uncles' pjs ready for a night of vibes and cinematic delight. #BoubouEffectMovieNight #AfricanStudents #CinematicCulture"

Location: Silliflix

Date : November 7th @ 8pm




YASA SPEAKS, a TED Talk style speaker event for students returns for Africa Week 2023. This year's theme for Africa Week is AfroWorld: Visions of Our Future. All students are welcome to SPEAK on the theme and surrounding topics including, but not limited to, personal and cultural identity, emerging social, economic or political issues relating to Africa, and personal and professional experiences. Each participant usually has around 5-8 minutes to SPEAK. All  Members of the Yale African Community are welcome to register to be a speaker through the link below (form closes

11/5 @ 11:59PM).

Come make your voice heard and come hear from voices within the African Community at Yale

Location : Luce Hall

Date : November 8th @8pm

Calling all "Victor Osimhens" and "Mo Salahs" on Yale's Campus! Register your team to play in the 7-a-side AfroWorld Cup co-hosted by YEESA and YASA. There are limited spots available so do well to sign up here if interested. Team formations rules are laid out in the form as well. Winning Team gets a prize, good luck!

Location : Lanman Center PWG

Date : November 10th @ 4pm


And for the biggest event of Africa Week...11/11/23

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